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grassrootsPR believes life is better with bicycles and beer. We cultivate community on behalf of craft brewers and bicycling advocates, because the world needs better beer and better bike lanes.

grassrootsPR was founded by Renée Alexander, who is at her best when making connections between people, ideas, and resources. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Communications from UNC-Greensboro, she served as managing editor of a local weekly newspaper and ran one of the first online press release distribution services. As editor of Internet News Bureau, she developed and maintained relationships with foreign partners in seven countries who translated, localized, and distributed press releases in their respective corners of the globe.

Alexander launched grassrootsPR in 2002, and since then has cultivated community for nonprofits and businesses on the West Coast and beyond. She has worked in the food and beverage industry on behalf of craft beer brewers, promoted bicycling on behalf of alternative transportation advocates, and made science and technology accessible to mainstream audiences.

Her nonprofit experience includes supporting organizations working on public transit, public health, and many other forms of public good. Recent clients include Clif Bar & Company and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. As a member of Lightbox Collaborative, she has developed strategic communications plans for education reform clients, executed media plans for community organizations, and worked with scientists to craft compelling messages to help in the fight against malaria.

Each summer, she organizes an award-winning Family Fun Zone at a county fair in Oregon, which entertains hundreds of children for free for five days straight, much to the relief of their exhausted, overheated parents. After that, pretty much every project feels like a cakewalk for Renée. *

*Except for her life’s ambition to get cheerleaders added to baseball. That one is proving rather difficult.