Lightbox Collaborative

Holding Good Ideas Up to the Light

grassroots PR is proud to be a member of The LightBox Collaborative. We are a versatile, dynamic group of talented consultants making the world a better place, one project at a time. We work with nonprofits, philanthropies, social entrepreneurs, and other do-gooders to jump start thinking, create strategic clarity in real time, and spark action in order to increase the impact of causes that matter.

As collaborators, we combine our expertise and insight in order to shed new light on our client’s unique way of creating social change. In the spirit of collaboration, we roll up our sleeves to partner with clients on the work that needs doing.

As a member of The Lightbox Collaborative, grassrootsPR has developed strategic communications plans for education reform clients, executed media plans for community organizations, and worked with scientists to craft compelling messages to help in the fight against malaria.