21st Amendment Brewery weBEERnar

World’s First weBEERnar

When 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco decided to release their craft beer in a can to the larger Bay area, they wanted to generate media coverage. The problem: most Bay Area media had already covered their entry into the San Francisco market a few months before.

Working through Campbell Consulting, grassrootsPR planned a “weBEERnar” hosted by the owners of 21st Amendment. We invited beer bloggers to log on to an online press conference to discuss the merits of cans vs. bottles. To encourage participation, we shipped them samples of 21st Amendment’s “Brew Free or Die!” IPA and “Hell or High Watermelon” wheat beer, which we all cracked open together, at beer-thirty. More than a dozen top beer bloggers and writers logged on to learn about 21st Amendment's craft beer in a can, resulting in articles by Brewerman, Draftmag and The Brew Lounge.