PR for Kebaba Restaurant

Guerilla Marketing for Kebaba Restaurant

grassrootsPR worked with the owners of Kebaba restaurant on numerous marketing campaigns including print ads, radio ads and a guerilla marketing campaign in the classifieds section of the local weekly newspaper. For ten weeks readers followed a Craig's List style Missed Connections story that took place at Kebaba and its sister restaurant, Pizza Mondo.

Missed Connections

THIS IS A LONG SHOT: Saw you at Pizza Mondo, getting salad and a slice. I winked. You laughed. Write if you felt it too.

RE: THIS IS A LONG SHOT are you the tall dark and handsome cyclist at Pizza Mondo I talked about marinara sauce with? We owe it to ourselves to meet IRL.

OUR EYES MET: meet me at Kebaba, same time and day as our serendipitous Mondo meeting. I'll order the hummous to start things off. Wink.

RE: OUR EYES MET at Mondo, and I felt it too. I'll be at Kebaba wearing a red scarf. Get the red pepper hummous. I like it spicy! :)

WHERE WERE YOU? You were cute, so I’ll give you another chance. Next week: Kebaba. The usual time. Just don’t stand me up again!

RE: WHERE WERE YOU? I promise I can explain. Thanks for the second chance. This time it’s on me; see you at Kebaba, Mondo girl.

HUMMOUS TIME! Not sure which is fresher, you or the food at Kebaba. Let’s do it again next week – this time at Pizza Mondo. XO

RE: HUMMOUS TIME! This has become quite a tasty habit. I just realized I’m craving salad, a slice, and you. See you at Pizza Mondo.

FRIDAY 5/15 Let’s mix it up this week. Wear that dazzling smile and come to my place. We’ll get a fresh, hot pie delivered from Pizza Mondo.

RE: FRIDAY 5/15 was even spicier than usual. Let’s do it again, my place this time. Pick up Kebaba takeout on your way over, and I’ll make it worth your while.