Marketing for Pine Mountain Sports

At the Heart of Local Adventures

When Pine Mountain Sports contacted grassrootsPR, they were bombarded by phone calls and visits from local ad sales reps for newspapers, radio and television stations. Between managing inventory, employees, and the day-to-day demands of running their outdoor retail gear store, they had more than enough work to keep them busy.

Working with Grow, grassrootsPR conducted a focus group to identify Pine Mountain Sports’ position in the local marketplace of Bend, Oregon. It became clear that Pine Mountain Sports was perceived as a vital resource for outdoor adventurers in the area. Building on that brand, grassrootsPR worked with adHOC to develop television, radio and a series of print ads featuring local experts in skiing, mountain biking, hiking and more. We established regular media outreach, ensuring that Pine Mountain Sports’ slideshows, gear clinics and gear demos got publicized in local community calendars, and that the owners of Pine Mountain Sports were contacted whenever local media cover stories about outdoor recreation. And we launched Trail Times, a monthly email newsletter that reaches more than 2000 subscribers.

Despite a faltering economy and a subsequent reduction in marketing budget, grassrootsPR’s strategic recommendations ensured that revenues remained steady for Pine Mountain Sports.