San Francisco Bike Coalition

Promoting the Bicycle for Everyday Transportation

When the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s long-time Communications Director decided to move on, the 40-year-old organization needed time to find the right replacement. In the meantime, two of their biggest annual events were fast approaching: Bike to Work Day and Golden Wheel Awards. grassrootsPR stepped in as Interim Communications Director and hit the ground pedaling.

For Bike to Work Week, we coordinated and publicized a well-attended media event that featured a majority of SF City Commissioners bicycling to City Hall and speaking on behalf of more, better bike lanes in the City.

A month later, we brought more journalists than ever to the Golden Wheel Awards. Despite a political firestorm involving a Golden Wheel Award recipient that ignited only two hours before the celebratory event, we were able to separate the controversy from the celebration, and we generated the most media coverage for Golden Wheel in its history.