Pine Mountain Sports


When a dear friend and colleague realized her husband really did want a party for his 40th birthday, which was coming up in five days, she sent out a distress signal. grassrootsPR came to the rescue, creating a customized pop-up party that played on the birthday boy’s passion for bicycles, Santa and all-things-whimsical.

The birthday bicycle tour began at the most famous bike mural in San Francisco, where cupcakes with Christmas decorations were served. The party participated in a walking tour of the mural, then pedaled into the Panhandle, where grassrootsPR’s party crew met them with a seven-person party bike, disco lights, games, and glow sticks for decorating their bikes. The glowing birthday party parade eventually made its way to the birthday boy’s favorite restaurant, near Golden Gate Park.

According to gPR’s friend and colleague, her husband “...had a blast. He was genuinely surprised and totally delighted to have new adventures unfold throughout the evening. He enjoyed a birthday that was uniquely and thoroughly him. Thanks for making it happen!”